CEO Greeting

  • Greetings, dear customers!

    B&Tech Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing plastic raw materials producing conductive compounds and special purpose Black-MB. Since its first production and sales in February 2003, we have developed and sold conductive plastic compounds for packaging (shipping) of IT-related components and conductive plastic materials for household appliances. In the future, we will continue to develop and sell related special plastic raw materials based on the development of the information technology industry. We will continue to pursue the growth of B&Tech in the future. B&Tech Co., Ltd. will stop at its current status and never cease to innovate in order to create future value for our customers. We will continue to pour our best efforts to create better value for our customers in the future.

    CEO Man Hyung Han


B&Tech Co., Ltd. puts into practice its philosophy of precision management,
with well-respected principles in order to bring about continuous growth in business fields,
whereas honoring the work and creativity of former members.
B&Tech Co., Ltd. will strive with passion into the future contributing the growth of humanity.

  • Innovation

    The core values based on the responsibility of attaining unlimited customer satisfaction and quality leads to quality innovation.

  • Challenge

    We challenge ourselves to be not only after a single goal but on the path of setting fearless new goals!

  • Creative

    We approach our customers with new ideas and innovations for the name of humanity and to offer better products.


We will stand by and for our customers, responding to their needs whereas paving the
road to create value together without knowing any boundaries. Join B&Tech in becoming a leading company in its field.

  • Prioritizing Customers

    We create a corporate culture that prioritizes customers at the heart of all its values.

  • The spirit of challenge that get things done

    Cultivating the "We can do it" mindset, the passion, and fearless attitude.

  • Communication and unity

    Creating synergy through the willingness to learn and sharing with others.

  • Pursuit of the Global Mind

    As a global company walking side by side with current globalized trends, we go above and beyond domestic markets and pursue diversity abroad.