Black Master Batch

01General Grade BLACK - MB

  • We can manufacture Black master batches in different sizes and specifications to meet customer needs.

    From the standard Black color ones to the ones used for special applications such as for LFT, EPP, non-woven fabric, fiber, etc.

Product Name Base Resin Use Carbon Black content %
BT 950MF LDPE Industrial use LDPE/HDPE Film 40
MB 914 LDPE HDPE Film, Sheet 40
BT 903CC LDPE/LLDPE HDPE Film, Sheets, Injection Molding 40
BT 902CC LLDPE HDPE pipe, HDPE (PP) sewer pipes 40
BT 902COM LLDPE PP Compound, ABS, PS, PP Recycled Compound 40
BT 960PSM HIPS/GPPS PS Compound, HIPS Sheet, PS Injection 40
BT 40SS GPPS EPS Sheets 40

02Special Purpose BLACK - MB

  • Black master batch using only 100% PP as resin compound and special purpose black masterbatch.

Product Name Base Resin Use Carbon Black content %
BJ MB35 LDPE LD/LLD/HDPE for internal and external electric cable jacket 35
BT 402BL-PS HDPE For HDPE water/pressure pipes 30
BT 404BL-KS LLDPE For HDPE water/pressure pipes 40
BT 920LFT PP For LFT PP compound 40
BT925UF/930UF PP PP fiber yarn, PP non-woven 25~30
BT920F-N PP PP (EPP) coloring 32
BT 920F-JS PP PP (EPP) coloring 40
BT 920F-JSN PP PP (EPP) coloring 45
BT 25BK PET PET PET Fibers / coloring